Our extensive workshop offers prompt, professional service

Bike service tools

Basic Service -$65

This includes:

  • a complete check of brake levers, brake cables, front and rear brake pads;
  • ensure tightness and smooth operation of headset and tighten handle bars;
  • a complete check of gear shifters, front and rear derailers and gear cables;
  • a complete check of drive chain, including front chain wheel, rear cogs and chain;
  • safety equipment check (bells, reflectors);
  • tighten cranks and pedals;
  • grease and tighten seat post
  • check tyres and tubes

Full Service – $85

All of the above PLUS:

  • remove and clean front chain wheel;
  • remove and clean rear gear cluster;
  • remove and clean rear derailer;
  • remove and clean chain;
  • lubricate cables

Ultimate service – $150

All of the above PLUS:

  • clean and repack headset bearings;
  • clean and repack wheel bearings;
  • clean and repack bottom bracket bearings or replace at an extra cost.

Labour Charge – $65 per hour

  • Minimum charge $15;
  • Tube Repair $15 labour plus tube;
  • Bike Fitting $150 or $75 if purchased at Broome Cycles.

We also offer

  • hydraulic brake servicing;
  • wheel trueing;
  • bike box up;
  • new bike assembly;
  • pre-built bike assembly
and much more!